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Building a Civil Society with Martial Arts Training

“F**k you!” My Monday morning greeting from a third grader I was meeting for the first time as the substitute teacher in a suburban mid-west town.  I was struck by the intensity of his emotions. His face contorted with anger, body tensed with fear. What could cause such a reaction from an 8 year old? What was going on in his life that this was his way of communicating? How did he learn this behavior? How as a society have we allowed this behavior to become more and more common?

Read more on how martial arts training can aid in develpoing a more civil society.  //" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Click here to read the article at Medium   (this will open a new window.

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Kids Class

Aikido Childrens 4 week basics program (ages 6-13)

A great way to start your child in Aikido. Students learn the basic movements, ukemi (falling and rolling) skills along with dojo etiquette and the routine. Train in a fun, comfortable and supportive environment. A great primer before joining the ongoing program. 

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 – 6:00, and Saturday morning at 10:30.

Fee $65 Children’s 4 week basics program

Childrens ongoing class

Aikido with emphasis on cooperation, compassion, and mind set. Students will learn techniques to give them a solid foundation in Aikido. Activities are age appropriate, engaging, and fun. With classes held four days a week there are plenty of opportunities for the young Aikido students to grow in their understanding of Aikido and to progress in rank. Students will be challenged at each step in their journey along the Aiki path.

Fee $85 per month

Youth Class for 11 to 14 year olds. 

We are holding this class Monday at 5:15pm to give our local Junior High School aged Youth a postive after-school activity. 




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I may be an old fashion grandmother but I wish this was something they would teach in the classrooms of our schools,


What a great dojo. The sensei are terriffic...,


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